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Buzz Worthy Newsletter and Graphic Design for iFractal and KnowHR

KnowHR / iFractal

Buzz Worthy Newsletter and Graphic Design for iFractal and KnowHR

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Newsletter (what turned into an ezine & PDF), design, branding, name, partial copy writing/editing.


Skuba was commissioned to design a newsletter for the Human Resource & managerial professionals. They wanted something modern, in line with the times & for it to be engaging, amusing & informational. They wanted us to create the first few issues that would have sections designed as a template so they could have an internal designer roll out subsequent issues.


Skuba came up with the name BUZZ Worthy and launched it's first issue in April of 2010. We went on to create an additional three months ending with July of 2012. With the launch the magazine was very well received with a combined readership of almost 4,000 professionals

Know-hr-ifractal-buzz-worthy-april-may-july-covers-flowers-white-dog-sun-bathing-beach Know-hr-ifractal-buzz-worthy-inside-how-to-communicate-to-the-terminally-distracted Know-hr-ifractal-buzz-worthy-inside-healthier-mind-and-body-cute-puppy Know-hr-ifractal-buzz-worthy-inside-dog-days-of-summer-make-work-better Know-hr-ifractal-buzz-worthy-back-cover-illustrations